Saturday July 01st 2017 at 8.00pm Sunday July 02nd 2017 at 2.30pm

Venue: Performing Arts Centre, Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School, Ivanhoe
Guest Artist/Soloist - Natsuko Yoshimoto


An Outdoor Overture


Violin Concerto No. 2


Irkanda IV


Symphonic Metamorphosis

Copland’s invigoratingly energetic and buoyant open-air piece, An Outdoor Overture, is in stark contrast to Prokofiev’s 2nd Violin Concerto, which intones melodies of remarkable finesse. The lush allure of this work borders on sentimentality; this may be  as close as Prokofiev ever gets to Rachmaninoff.

Sculthorpe wrote Irkanda IV as a plain and straightforward expression of his feelings upon the death of his father;  Irkanda is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘a remote and lonely place’.

In the Symphonic Metamorphosis, the body of each movement is based on melodies of Carl Maria von Weber. The result of Hindemith’s transformation of these tunes is a true metamorphosis of ordinary classical themes into something that is captivating and dramatic.