‘Five Days Five Nights’ – CANCELLED

Saturday September 12th 2020 at 8.00pm

Venue: The Performing Arts Centre, Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School, Noel St., Ivanhoe

Molly Kadarauch


Elizabeth Sellars


In Brahms’ time the public were not overly enthusiastic about this double concerto but it now seems incredible that listeners in any period could have resisted the appeal of the work’s strong themes, bold rhythms and darkly handsome colouring. It is full of passion, rich with melody and superbly crafted.

Another work that did not necessarily have immediate contemporary appeal but has subsequently been ‘re-discovered’, is this film suite by Shostakovich, who wrote 36 film scores and was much sought after by filmmakers. This suite is from the film Five Days – Five Nights, which was a joint Soviet-German project from 1961, telling the story of Russian soldiers who saved famous paintings of the Dresden Art Gallery at the end of the Second World War.