‘For the Fallen’

Saturday October 26th 2019 at 7.30pm

Venue: St Georges Anglican Church, Warncliffe Road, East Ivanhoe
Guest Artist/Soloist - Kristian Gregory - Baritone & Anthony Pope - Trumpet


“Commando March”


“Symphony No. 1” 1. From Sea 2. From Above 3. From Land 4. For the Fallen


“Libera Me” from Requiem (Mass for the Dead) Arr. by Sandra McColl


“Through a Soldier’s Eyes”


“For the Fallen” with Baritone Soloist


“Lamentations” A Tone Poem for Solo Trumpet and Wind Ensemble

Del Borgo

“Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night"

Conductor: Stephen Carpenter


Guest Trumpet Soloist: David Musk

Guest Baritone Soloist: Kristian Gregory 

Featuring one World Première and two Australian Premières: “Through a Soldier’s Eyes”  by Graham Lloyd; “Symphony No. 1” by Onsby Rose; and “Lamentations” A Tone Poem for Solo Trumpet and Wind Ensemble by Onsby Rose, with Trumpet soloist David Musk. Plus: Barber: “Commando March”; Faure: “Libera Me” from Requiem (Mass for the Dead) Arr. by Sandra McColl; Keeffe: “For the Fallen” with Baritone soloist Kristian Gregory; Del Borgo: “Do Not Go Gentle into the Good Night”.