HWE -“Angels in the Architecture”

Saturday November 25th 2023 at 7.30pm

Venue: St Georges Anglican Church, Warncliffe Road, East Ivanhoe.
Guest Artist/Soloist - Ming Yeung Li


“Funeral Music for Queen Mary II - 1695”
Transcribed for Wind Band by SG Carpenter


“Capriccio Espagnole Op. 34” (1887) for Wind Band
I – Alborada
II – Variazioni
III – Alborada (reprise)
IV – Scena e canto gitano
V – Fandango asturiano


“Dance Movements”
1. Ritmico
2. Molto vivo (for the woodwinds)
3. Lento (for the Brass)
4. Molto ritmico


“The Ballad of Mùlán” - Concerto for Trombone and Wind Band
Trombone Soloist: Ming Yeung Li


“Angels in the Architecture”
LIGHT: “Angel of Light”
DARKNESS: “Darkness Music”
LIGHT: “Chorale of Light”
DARKNESS: “Darkness Music”
LIGHT: “Chorale of Light” “Angel of Light”

Be surprised in Concert Three by a “Concerto for Trombone and Wind Band” performed by Hong Kong born Ming Yeung Li, composed by Barry McKimm, with the stunning “Angels in the Architecture” by Frank Ticheli.  The concert opens with the “Funeral Music for Queen Mary II” – Mary’s uncle was Charles II, who ruled the three kingdoms, and it was he that insisted that she be brought up as Anglican. She was widely mourned in Britain at her death, her funeral service was the first of any royal attended by all the members of both Houses of Parliament and for the ceremony, composer Henry Purcell wrote Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary.

Take a minute to read the diverse descriptions of the music we intend to present next year and lock the dates into your diary. You will not only have a wonderful time, but you will also discover the whole rich sound world of the contemporary Wind Band.

Join us in 2023 to hear the sound that so impressed “The Cat Empire” that they asked us to lay down a couple of tracks for their new album (to be released in 2023).