“Of Skies, Rivers, Lakes and Mountains” – CANCELLED

Saturday October 24th 2020 at 7.30pm

Venue: St. George’s Anglican Church. Warncliffe Road, East Ivanhoe

Conductor: Stephen Carpenter

Guest Conductor: Andrew Stokes

Guest Organ Soloist: Rowan Kidd 

Stephen Melillo is to wind band music what Beethoven was to the symphony orchestra, and he follows a Beethovenesque design of increasing the musical tension almost to the breaking point, receding, and then reaching again. It is superlative musical craftsmanship and inspiring to hear. Under the direction of guest conductor, Andrew Stokes, we will hear Millelo’s Storm Works. Then English, European, Australian and American composers: Phillip Sparke, Edvard Grieg & Percy Grainger (his “Loving gift to Ella Viola Strom, my sweet wife to be”  To a Nordic Princess) and Roger Cichy with his tribute to the three American composers – Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein and George Gershwin in Divertimento for Winds and Percussion. We welcome to the program Rowan Kidd to perform on the St George pipe organ a specially selected program for your delight.


Melillo:                       “Storm Works”  (cond. Andrew Stokes)

Sparke:                       “Of Skies, Rivers, Lakes and Mountains”

  1. O Beautiful for Spacious Skies
  2. From Sea to Shining Sea
  3. For Purple Mountain Majesties

Grieg:                         “Suite for Military Band” Op. 56, from Sigurd Jorsalfar (Sigurd the Crusader) Arr. for wind band by M. L. Lake

  1. Vorspiel (Introduction)
  2. Intermezzo (Borghild’s Dream)
  3. Huldigungsmarsch (Triumphal March)

Unknown:                  “Unknown: Organ Solo Work” Guest Organ Soloist: Rowan Kidd 

Grainger:                    “To A Nordic Princess” (An Australian Première) Arr. for wind band by S.G. Carpenter

Sparke:                       “Dance Movements” (cond. Andrew Stokes)

  1. Ritmico
  2. Molto vivo (for the woodwinds)
  3. Lento (for the Brass)
  4. Molto ritmico

Cichy:                           “Divertimento for Winds and Percussion”

  1. Exaltation 
  2. Follies 
  3. Remembrance 
  4. Salutation