Saturday March 19th 2016 at 8.00pm

Venue: Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School, Performing Arts Centre, Ivanhoe
Guest Artist/Soloist - Anne Gilby - 2016


The Inn of the Sixth Happiness Suite


Oboe Concerto


Concertino for Oboe and Strings


Gloriana – Symphonic Suite

Malcolm Arnold’s Inn of the Sixth Happiness Suite, devised from the 1958 film, is full of memorable themes and ingenious combinations of textures and has become one of the best known of his hundred-or-so movie scores. It provides an ideal foil to the sense of colour, mystery and surprise conveyed in Britten’s beguiling theatrical orchestral suite from Gloriana, where the listener is taken on a musical journey of enormous power that is meaningful, gripping and satisfyingly neo-Tudor in its approach to form.

Mozart’s only Oboe Concerto is a magical display of compositional genius that transports the listener with an astounding profusion of enchanting melodies, mellow relaxation and conveys a message that is one of unbounded joy.