Saturday April 09th 2022 at 8.00pm

Venue: The Performing Arts Centre, Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School, Noel St., Ivanhoe.


Overture on Russian & Kirghiz Folk Themes Op 115


The Promise of Living


Danzon No. 2


Symphony No. 5

HSO opens the 2022 Concert Series with Euphoria, a kaleidoscopic program celebrating a long-awaited return to the stage. Shostakovich’s rarely performed Overture on Russian and Kirghiz Folk Themes commemorates his visit to Kirghizstan in 1963. The Promise of Living forms the beautiful finale to the first act of Copland’s The Tender Land opera; his Hymn to Thanksgiving. Marquez’s popular Danzon No. 2, an urban dance from Veracruz, Mexico bursts with rhythm and smoulders with sensuality. Few symphonies embody the cyclical journey from tragedy to triumph better than Tchaikovsky’s mighty Fifth Symphony, soaring from utter solemnity to overt joy in a single arc. Join us in this triumphant return to the stage!
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