Saturday September 14th 2013 Sunday September 15th 2013

Venue: Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School, Performing Arts Centre, Ivanhoe
Guest Artist/Soloist - The Ashton Smith Singers - 2015


The Music Makers


Symphony No.40


The Young Lutheran’s Guide to the Orchestra

In The Music Makers, Elgar took his libretto from a poem by Arthur O’Shaunessey, whose works, in the late 19th century, were then fashionable. Elgar includes quotations from a number of his earlier works: The Enigma Variations, Sea Pictures, The Dream of Gerontius, and both symphonies, leading listeners to feel that this work is familiar, rich and fervent.

Mozart’s ‘great’ Symphony No. 40 transports the listener with an astounding display of athletic chromaticism, mellow relaxation and a profusion of enchanting melodies.

Keillor’s work, entitled ‘The Young Lutheran’s Guide to the Orchestra’, pokes fun at each orchestral instrument, exploring reasons why most are unsuitable for a Lutheran, who might be considering a career as a musician.