Saturday September 13th 2014 Sunday September 14th 2014

Venue: Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School, Performing Arts Centre, Ivanhoe
Guest Artist/Soloist - Benjamin Martin - 2014


Cuban Overture


Red Cape Tango


Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra


Totentanz: Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra


Symphonic Variations Op.78, B.70

Dies Irae is a 13th Century latin hymn. It is one of the most famous melodies of the Gregorian chant. Based upon a reference from the Old Testament, it is a reflection upon the Last Judgement. Liszt’s Totentanz and Daugherty’s Red Cape Tango use this musical quotation to great effect in their sombre and daring stylistic compositions.

The Symphonic Variations by both Dvorak & Franck have not achieved major repertory status of the orchestral genre, but they are works that manifest considerable depth. They are serious and dramatic, with magical displays of compositional genius that transports the listener with an astounding spectacle of driving power, mellow relaxation and a profusion of enchanting melodies.